Become Your Richest Self in 8 Weeks

this wealth intensive will unlock your innate source of abundance to heal & transform your money blueprint for life


put down that manifestation book, press pause on that podcast, stop repeating those mantras, and learn what it really takes to become a match for money. 

Raise your hand if you've:

  • been terrified to look at your bank account because you honestly don't know if you have enough to buy even the basics
  • schemed money-making ideas far too many times to count, yet are no further ahead
  • attempted to follow what the books and experts say, but it still feels like something is missing
  • said the following "I can't afford that" "it's too expensive" "I wish I could do/have that" 
  • daydreamed about a wealthy, abundant & boujee lifestyle but don't really believe it's possible for you

But what if instead you:

  • get excited to check your bank account to discover you have even more than you expected
  • chose to empower yourself, and others around you, by healing your money trauma (that ripple effect is a vibe)
  • felt abundant & rich every single day as the standard
  • had the financial freedom to say YES to anything that feels good (the luxury car, dream house, designer bag, 5-star vacay...). Choice is so chic!
  • woke up from that daydream and realized that you are the source of wealth & had the tools to amplify your mindset & energy to align


this self-paced program has the power to break your cycle of lack & scarcity to create wealth for generations to come

This is the type of makeover that will actually allow you to live like Cher Horowitz from Clueless 
If you’re fed up with the same cycle of feeling broke & desperate for more repeating over and over, even after you’ve done the “deep” work, this is perfect for you**. 

And here is what I know:

+ you have financial desires because you're meant to have them
+ what is possible for others, is possible for you
+ it is safe for you be happy, healthy, and wealthy
+ your desires for more are supported 
+ you are worthy & deserving because you are 
**This program isn't just for entrepreneurs, this applies to anyone who uses money as a tool to live! 


Week 1: Assess Your Money Blueprint for Next Level Wealth Creation

Identify your program & where it came from in order to release & let it go.  We will also uncover your core values surrounding money.

Week 2: Rewire Your Money Paradigm to Turn Up the Channels of Abundance

Acknowledge your shadow in order to raise your worthiness around attracting & earning more wealth & abundance.  Access the depths to find the light.

Week 3: Cast Light on The Shadow to Amplify Worth

Learn about the subconscious mind and how it works so that we can release the biggest money blocks & clear space for abundance.

Week 4: Living as Your Richest Self & Non-Negotiables for Success

Rewrite new beliefs & rules to govern your newly aligned abundant mindset. Tap into your Richest Self to create a roadmap for your financial freedom.

Week 5: Financial Freedom Goal & Vision Planning

Learn the Rich Bish Goal Setting method as you step into your next level version.  You will create your custom Freedom Life Script and it will blow your mind!

Week 6: Rich Frequency Upgrades

Design your abundance rituals to make them a habit and raise your energetic frequency every single day.

Week 7: Manifesting More Abundance & Prosperity

Study & implement my proven 6-step process for money manifestation to quantum leap into success. Learn the power and system of surrendering & letting go.

Week 8: Creating Lifelong Wealth Consciousness

Create a wealth consciousness for life by establishing your new normal, how to recognize tests & how triggers can serve us. 



immersive subconscious & energetic trainings

over 10 hours of video & audio content for you to work through at your own pace to align your mind & frequency with wealth

actionable exercises to implement day-to-day

if you do the work, the results are inevitable.  we break the steps down and make them super accessible

Abundance Circle

meet your new boujee besties who support you in sustaining & maintaining new levels of abundance


4x payment




1x payment





3-Part Overflow Activation Series

how to live in a constant state of more than enough, and feeling so good about it

A Note on Debt Management & Bills

the truth behind debt and how to feel empowered & confident despite having it

Feeling Safe Having & Keeping More & More

while the money rolls in, you learn to feel deeply secure holding onto it


Hey, I'm Rach!

While I am a money mindset & manifestation coach today, it might surprise you that I come from very humble beginnings. I grew up on a farm in a very small town but I knew from a young age that I was destined for more. I yearned for a rich life ever since watching The OC in high school and starting dreaming of living in a McMansion in SoCal.

In my mid-20s I became awakened to the possibility that there was more available to me. I started studying the Law of Attraction and subconscious mind, applying tools to my mindset to reprogram old beliefs around money that never really served me to begin with. 

I've been dreaming of this moment for years where I could share my passion for creating an abundant and prosperous life, on your own terms, in order to attract and manifest all that you desire.

I never thought that I’d generate multiple 6-figure in 2 years or that I would be helping women like you do the same. But here we are. 

I'm not special, I wasn't handed a silver spoon, nor did I inherit wealth - I am self-made in every sense of the way, and truly because I made a choice to get out of my own way and allow abundance to flow in.

 I am so excited to see where this journey leads you!

Frequently Asked Questions

It starts as soon as you enrol! It's a self-paced program so you get instant lifetime access!

The materials provided in this program are proven, by Rachael and her clients.  The results you desire are completely dependent on you showing up and consistently & thoroughly doing the work.

This isn't a get-rich-quick type of program, nor will you fast track to millionaire status if you haven't done the work to reprogram and rewire your existing blueprint to align with what you desire!

Anyone who has ever experienced a struggle around money.  It is geared toward women specifically, but can apply to you whether you work for yourself or others.

There will be a monthly Q&A Call with Rachael to answer any questions, share wins, and support you further!

Yes, if the proposed payment plan doesn't suit your needs, email [email protected] so we can discuss the options.

You are going to leave this program a new person, no for real!  We step into a completely new identity, we release what no longer serves us, we prime ourselves for success and empowerment, and have fun every step of the way!

Expect miracles, major manifestations, magnetic opportunities, bursts of unexpected excitement and happiness, and fresh outlook on the world you live in.  

You will walk out of the program high on your own supply, and leaving people wanting to take a sip of whatever you're drinking because the difference will be LIT!



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