You are 90 days away from freedom.

No degree or years of business experience required. Just a service-based business idea (or an existing business) and a decision to believe in yourself.


Because any journey is better with a map and a circle of friends to help guide the way, Freedom Business School puts you in the captain's seat on the road to building your online business, pursuing your passion and earning your money on your terms; the ultimate freedom.

You'll No Longer Have To:

  • Repeatedly search for and scroll through guides upon guides on “How to build an online business” that might not even apply to your specific idea!
  • Sit through all those livestreams, webinars and masterclasses about motivation and the success of others, providing no actionable items for your business besides “wake up early” and “hustle, hustle!”
  • Lay awake at night scheming how you can leave your job and turn this side hustle into your full-time focus.
  • Spend hours contributing your time, ideas and efforts toward someone else’s dream.

What If This Was Your Path:

  • Knowing how to turn your ideas into your business.
  • Earning a sustainable income doing what you love, on your own terms (aka turn that passion into profits, girlfriend).
  • Building your business big enough that you get to hire a team of your own, while still running things from wherever you want, whenever you want.
  • Being able to take time for your guilty pleasures, travel aspirations, even Netflix binges, without sacrificing business or income potential.
  • Waking up in a dream city and spending the morning in a NYC coffee shop, on an LA boulevard or a Bali beach; not stuck on a highway or transit bus to earn profit for someone else.

You pick your path - what is your version of freedom?



FBS is a self-paced biz & mindset coaching program created for the service-based entrepreneur who is ready to fully work for themselves, earn money doing so, and dominate online.



using the subconscious mind to imprint a success-driven & abundant mindset while releasing limiting beliefs


tapping into the depths of ourselves to channel clarity & messages that are aligned with our highest path


implement proven strategies & systems to support your business growth every step of the way

This self-paced program is way better than Googling "how to launch an online business" 1000 times.  Look, I know that asking for support isn't always easy, but imagine how much better your life will be when your lifestyle matches your dreams.  


10 Freedom Trainings

learn from your Freedom Expert, Rachael, each week.  She has not only learned and dissected Freedom methods down to a science, she’s living them daily.

Modules & Workbooks

customized to your version of Freedom, including videos, audio and written workbooks. Because everybody learns & works differently.

A High-Vibe Community

ready to connect with you and the rest of our tribe of like-minded women. Feel free to ask advice, share wins and make plans! (Live chatting The Bachelor can count 😏)

Fully Guided Business Support

this is a judgement-free zone (JFZ) and I'm an open book, so pick my brain on our monthly Q&A calls

A Custom Freedom Roadmap

because there’s no copy and paste map to your success. You tell us what your vision of success looks like; not the other way around! Your road is your road, and we’re going to navigate it together (pit stops & all).

In-Person Freedom Mastermind

to celebrate 90 days of ideas & successes with lunch and cocktails. But unlike at regular graduations, we’re not shaking your hand and kicking you out! You can come back to your trainings at any time.


Week 1: Identify Your Freedom Life

Before we can hit the road, we need to know where you want to go! We’ll get clarity on your dreams, what excites you, what scares you and what makes you jump out of bed in the morning.

Week 2: Unpack Limiting Beliefs

No need to carry heavy baggage. We’ll clear out the junk in the subconscious mind and bring to the journey bags of confidence, self-worth, focus, productivity and happiness instead!

Week 3: Introducing 2.0 Self

Say goodbye to the old you, who just doesn't quite cut it at this part in your journey.  We are stepping into our most empowered & confident self from here on.

Week 4: Setting Freedom Goals

Things move forward better when your tank is full. We’ll spend this time pinning goals on the map and activating your subconscious mind to see the new path ahead.

Week 5: Niche & Client Avatar Messaging

Learn how to speak to your ideal client in a way that feels authentic and leaves them wondering how you know them so well.  The power is in the message!

Week 6: Developing Your Brand & Online Presence

Because your presence should look like, well, you. We identify how you want to show up for your community, and what ‘it’ factor lies within you being you!

Week 7&8: Where & How to Show Up Online

Influencing others is more than popping in and logging off, it’s about establishing oneself and having a strong foundation for long-term partnerships, long-time success and, of course, freedom.

Week 9: Sales & Financial Freedom

Because you can’t pay bills with post-it notes! Learn how to develop packages and programs that sell and serve those around you. We cover money mindset tools you can use to convert clients with ease while knowing your worth!

Week 10: Manifesting 101

You don’t ever have to stop dreaming, but when you want something, you need to know how to ask for it! Become a manifesting machine with a no-BS, proven process.

What FBS Students Are Saying



Hi, I’m Rachael. I’m 32 and living my freedom life in Toronto, Ontario (but it feels like I rent a seat at Pearson Airport too).

Getting to freedom in a city like this wasn’t easy. I worked an office job from the day I finished university (no trust fund here). No matter what I found myself doing, I was definitely hitting refresh on that Instagram tab more than any boss would have liked, wondering how it would be to just take off at a heart’s desire but still have the rent paid. 

But, over the past 5 years, I didn’t stop dreaming, or paying my rent.  I managed to build my own brand my way while figuring out the pros, cons, works and don’t-works of building a service-based business. 

Eventually, I (nervously) quit my office job, became a Certified Master NLP Practitioner and continued my journey to a fulfilling life of freedom and self-made income under my own name, my own umbrella and my own high-vibe mindset.

So, through my hard work, and all of the ups and downs that came with it (because both exist), I became recognized by others as a wellness expert and person of influence; working with brands I loved and aligned with, hosting public workshops and events with likeminded individuals and receiving coverage in reputable media placements such as tv, online and print publications. 

All while still having time to go where I wanted to go, do what I wanted to do and with enough money in the account that no nerves flinched at the touch of my wallet.

No credit histories were harmed in the collecting of my airline passes.

My business is my life, but my life is my business and that’s how my idea of freedom looked from the start. Yours might look a little different, and that’s okay!

I want to help you get crystal clear on ideas, services, goals and strategies that fit you and your idea of being free. No copy-paste-send here, because those never worked for me and I would never try to convince you that things that don’t work might work for you instead.

You will hear me talk about things like quantum upleveling, high vibe energy, magnetism and tapping into inner self-worth and confidence – because those did work for me, and I would bet all the Starbucks golden stars in my app they’ll work for you too, on top of the custom roadmap I can’t wait to make with you. 

Still with me? Good. Let’s get you and your business on the road!


Wait, you didn't think that was it...

you're also getting access to the following:

7-Days to Tap into Your Ultimate Freedom (EFT Program)

a detailed 40-page digital book that shares Rachael's journey to becoming a manifesting expert

7-Days to Manifest Financial Freedom (Self- Hypnosis Program)

reprogram your financial subconscious imprint with 7 days of deeply relaxing guided meditation visualizations

The time is NOW to create the life of your dreams

It doesn't have to be messy, ugly, complicated, or lonely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely!  This program is deigned to apply to the aspiring, struggling, and uplevelling entrepreneur.  I believe it doesn't matter where you're at, you will find your place in this group.  

You will get as much out of this program as you are willing to put in (and just a hint, there's crazy amounts of value within).

Heck yes!  Like I mentioned above, this program is applicable to many phases of business development and growth.  If you feel like you've made progress in your business and are feeling like you've plateaued, or are in need of a shake up, you will be in good hands.

A lot of the road blocks we hit are a result of our programming, so we release all of the junk that's standing in our way so we can pick up that momentum again.  Sounds pretty epic, doesn't it?

All of our weekly calls are recorded via Zoom and uploaded on the portal the next day.  So if you have to dip out early, show up late or miss the call altogether, you'll be able to tune in at your earliest convenience. 

Yes, if the proposed payment plan doesn't suit your needs, email so we can customize an option that is mutually agreed upon!  

This will vary, but each cohort will be capped at 10 to keep the vibes intimate!

You are going to leave this program a new person, no for real!  We step into a completely new identity, we release what no longer serves us, we prime ourselves for success and empowerment, and have fun every step of the way!

Expect miracles, major manifestations, magnetic opportunities, bursts of unexpected excitement and happiness, and fresh outlook on the world you live in.  

You walk out of the program high on your own supply, and leaving people wanting to take a sip of whatever you're drinking because the difference will be LIT!



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