Don't be fooled by the allure of copy & paste strategies of the average "build-your-business" program

We value individuality, sovereignty and intuitive creativity that cannot be replicated from others. Around here we build aligned, heart-centred businesses that flow & grow with ease


Freedom Business School gives a first class ticket to building a sustainable soul-led business.

Our unique approach is mindset-forward and provides you with access to elite subconscious reprogramming tools so you never doubt your work, your worth or ability to make major *dollar bills* again

FBS was created to end...

  • Spending evenings tuning into¬†free trainings on ‚Äúhow to build¬†a basic 6-fig online business‚ÄĚ that only provide fluff when you could be¬†learning proven methods to¬†grow your biz!
  • Wasting hours a day scrolling¬†the 'gram or TikTok¬†wondering how every other person¬†is hitting a new milestone¬†and buying another designer bag,¬†and instead use this time to slay in your lane to build your empire.
  • Laying awake late into the night scheming¬†ways to make ends meet and¬†trying to find the quickest route to make money so that you can finally¬†ditch that¬†unfulfilling¬†job or freelancing gig.
  • Generational & ancestral cycles that perpetuate sabotage, scarcity & imposter syndrome so you can be liberated to write a new narrative¬†- just because no one is your family has done it before, doesn't mean it's not possible.

Babe, what about instead you...

  • Have ready-to-buy¬†clientele hanging on your every word wondering what you¬†offer and wanting more, while you feel at peace & in flow.
  • Establish a success & abundance mindset that¬†reflects in your bank statements so you can¬†actually carve out and enjoy¬†the people &¬†activities you love.
  • Become¬†the heart-centred leader that garners¬†recognition, soulmate clients, big payouts, fun & freedom with ease.
  • Create generational wealth that builds a legacy for your lineage allowing you to enjoy the¬†pleasures you've dreamed of like luxury travel, lifestyle upgrades, designer taste, or whatever opulence you desire.


This is your ultimate roadmap to heart-centred business growth; where leaders, trailblazers, soul-led entrepreneurs meet to heal & empower the masses through passion. This is where your visions become illuminated & actualized.



using the subconscious mind & energetics to create success & prosperity while *actually* removing blocks 


stepping into your true potential by becoming that version of you now, who has all your desires fulfilled NOW


implement simplified, practical digital marketing systems that feel aligned and good for your unique business

This program is not your average cookie cutter DIY program; we value integrity & amplifying your passions through authentic expression, not becoming another generic clone.
You have so much more to offer and we want your magic to shine as you bring your business vision to life!

Freedom Business School gives you back time and money by providing you with the complete handbook to build your empire, your way.  

Who Freedom Business School Serves ūüíó

There are three types of women who typically find the most success out of FBS. If one or more resonate with where you're at in the journey, this is the perfect program for you.

1ÔłŹ‚É£ The Frantic 9-to-5er

Unfulfilled in a day job wanting more but wondering what to do exactly

Frustrated and fed up with serious case of the Sunday Scaries 

Hour long calls with friends wishing they were doing something that lit up their soul rather than sucking it

Binging all the podcasts and IG stories from your fave influencers watching them have the life/business you’re desiring

2ÔłŹ‚É£ The Frantic Side Hustler

Created the IG, set up the website and is ready to leave the job but all you're missing are the clients

Or you've got a case of the Beginner Luck Blues where you had an initial result or two but it's not sustainable to jump ship

You worry your following is too small and is the reason for the crickets you're experiencing - where are all the paying clients?

3ÔłŹ‚É£ The Frantic Owner

You’re putting in full time hours with ½ the pay. Feels like something isn’t clicking.

Had a client or two, can feel the strong pull to massively grow this business but not sure how.

Have some type of audience with engagement yet no real consistent traction from followers to clients.

Wondering when it will all come together and ready to invest in anything that sounds like it will get you there faster.


Connecting To Your Big Vision

Get clarity on your dreams, what excites you, and what makes you jump out of bed in the morning to weave your Freedom Life into reality!

The Power of Your Mind To Overcome Resistance

Access elite releasing tools to get fears, doubts & lack out of the way to feel confident, charismatic & worthy instead!

Becoming The CEO of Your Life

Say goodbye to the old you, who just doesn't quite cut it anymore.  You are stepping into your most empowered quantum self from here on.


Freedom Goals: The Sky Isn't The Limit

We encourage you to set those big, audacious goals and we'll teach you our secret tool for achieving them!

Reaching The Clients You're Meant To Serve

Learn how to identify & speak to your ideal client in a way that feels authentic and leaves them wondering how you know them so well!

Curating Your Magnetic Brand

Your presence should look like, well, you. We identify how you want to show up for your community to develop that juicy "it" factor!


Establishing Authority & Being Trusted Online

Impacting others is more than popping in and logging off, it’s about building a foundation of rapport for long-time success and, of course, freedom.

Create Major Impact & Value Online

Because you can’t pay bills with post-it notes! Learn how to develop packages and programs that sell and serve those around you. We cover money mindset tools you can use to convert clients with ease while knowing your worth!

Create & Launch Your Desirable Offer or Product

You don’t ever have to stop dreaming, but when you want something, you need to know how to ask for it! Become a manifesting machine with a no-BS, proven process.

"This is the perfect mix of spiritual, mindset & practical concepts required to transform your business so you can live life on your own terms. Rachael is so easy to talk to, a wealth of knowledge and super responsive ‚Äď you‚Äôll never feel alone or be left in the dark. Thanks to Freedom School I was finally able to find clarity, inspiration and motivation. I am more confident and know that anything is possible, your whole life will change when you release your limiting beliefs and start embracing your 2.0 self!"

Jess J.
Stress Reduction Coach

"I have grown my business. I see 4x the amount of clients. I charge what I'm worth. And December 2021 will be my best month in business (in 12 years)"

Massage Therapist

"Freedom School allowed me to look at the path of least resistance to allow me to leave my job & do what I love in 6 months."

Emily B.
Spiritual Biz Coach

"as I type this, I'm currently in Tulum, Mexico. I have a body of digital art illustrations that I've created over the last year since being in her program. I'm hosting my first virtual goddess circle this weekend. I'm selling artwork at markets. I'm starting to do commissions."

Digital Illustrator

"I've grown so much as a person over the past year. Both personally and professionally and having FBS to always go back to is an amazing feeling. Rach is the biggest support & cheerleader and really does make you believe in yourself and what you can achieve. It is all possible!"

Job Title


10 Modules Covering It All from Mindset to Marketing

within the modules you are receiving 68+ immersive lessons, totalling 25+ hours of pre-recorded audio & video trainings

40+ Comprehensive Workbooks to Implement Action

this includes customizable PDFs, worksheets, and guidebooks that you can work through at your own pace (you have lifetime access)

5 Months of Live Action & Access to Community

you're invited to 5x monthly "hot seat" style coaching group sessions PLUS our members-only group to share, ask, celebrate & connect w/ your new biz besties 

What FBS Graduates Are Saying

We make entrepreneurship exciting, empowering & liberating instead of gruelling, hustling, struggling

6x payments




1x payment





over $1000 in BONUSES alone ūü§Į

Money & Manifest Bundle

(valued at $597)

+ Becoming A Vibrational Match for Money

+ Raise Your Self-Worth to Expand Your Net Worth

+ Your Rich-ual Handbook 

6 Months Access to The Axis

(valued at $264)

+ monthly manifestation membership 

+ 1 *NEW* hypno activation & EFT tapping sequence monthly

+ micro daily shifts for big magic

How to Set Up & Run Your Business Globally

(valued at $197)

 + 90 min masterclass to support you in setting up your business to run anywhere in the world for the ultimate nomadic freedom life, just like Rachael has does for years


This is legacy work. This is about teaching conscious & intentional leadership for the light-workers who are here to make a difference


Rachael Hunt is the Founder & CEO of personal development brand, Freedom School Co.  Freedom School Co. was created in 2019 about a year after Rachael quit her full-time job to pursue her own dreams of being an entrepreneur. 

When she initially left her job, she had aspirations of becoming internationally recognized for her gluten-free directory, GlutenFreedom, the first business she successfully built after being diagnosed with celiac disease. 

While her valuable resource propelled her career as an influencer, wellness expert, and digital marketing specialist, she was feeling the pull to create a bigger impact. 

She is now an Intuitive Indigenous Mentor helping women to get out of their own way in business, relationships, finances and personal well-being to create the lives of their dreams through reprogramming their subconscious minds.

She is a certified master NLP practitioner, specializing in TIME techniques, EFT, and hypnosis.

We have supported hundreds of women around the world from all different socio-economic & cultural backgrounds to start, launch, grow & scale heart-centered businesses and ultimately become the best version of themselves to fulfill their missions.  


Frequently Asked Questions

It starts as soon as you enrol! It's a self-paced program and you get instant lifetime access! 

Depending on when you enrol, you will be placed in a cohort that will determine your call & accountability check-in schedule!

This is a self-paced program, meaning you can customize the hours you spend per week working through the content. For optimal results, I do recommend one module every 1-2 weeks!  But I wish for you to create a schedule that feels most aligned with where you're at 

I believe that the time is never going to feel fully "right," which is why I am all for taking action, period.  Leap before you feel ready!  Also, I want to remind you that prioritizing yourself is an act of high value that I highly encourage getting comfortable with!  When we value & respect ourselves enough to invest time & money, we are deliciously rewarded!

Absolutely!  This program is deigned to apply to the aspiring, struggling, and uplevelling entrepreneur.  I believe it doesn't matter where you're at, you will find your place in this container.  

You will get as much out of this program as you are willing to put in (and just a hint, there's crazy amounts of value within).

Heck yes!  Like I mentioned above, this program is applicable to many phases of business development and growth.  If you feel like you've made progress in your business and are feeling like you've plateaued, or are in need of a shake up, you will be in good hands.

A lot of the road blocks we hit are a result of our programming, so we release all of the junk that's standing in our way so we can pick up that momentum again.  Sounds pretty epic, doesn't it?

All of our Q&A calls are recorded via Zoom and uploaded on the portal the next day.  So if you have to dip out early, show up late or miss the call altogether, you'll be able to tune in at your earliest convenience. 


You will also have a chance to submit questions to be answered in advance, even if you can't make it.

You are going to leave this program a new person, no for real!  We step into a completely new identity, we release what no longer serves us, we prime ourselves for success and empowerment, and have fun every step of the way!

Expect miracles, major manifestations, magnetic opportunities, bursts of unexpected excitement and gratitude, and a fresh outlook on the world you live in.  

You walk out of the program high on your own supply, and leaving people wanting to take a sip of whatever you're drinking because you'll be radiating differently

You can certainly join when it feels best for you! However, I encourage you to look at our flexible payment plans so that you can take action sooner!  Investing in yourself is sexy and you deserve it!



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